Hilltop Real Estate East of Cherry Creek

Hilltop is widely known as one of Denver’s most desired neighborhoods, and for good reason. It has an ideal location, affluent residents and high end homes; some may call it the ‘quintessential american dream’. This neighborhood, however, encompasses a quality which helps set it apart from other Denver areas. As high end neighborhoods are developed, many begin to possess a fatal flaw: the developers begin rearing ‘cookie-cutter’ houses to rapidly increase the number of homes, while driving down material quality and lot size.

While many neighborhoods have fallen wayside to this trend, Hilltop has gone the opposite way; while still keeping modest prices, this neighborhood has mastered the appreciation of human complexity and identity. This feature remains unique to the neighborhood as seen through its variety of architectural styles; each home is different and caters to the individual, while staying respectful of the surrounding aesthetics and Denver’s rich history.

We invite you to explore a taste of the architecture Hilltop offers through a sampling of five coveted residences in the following article. In our exploration of architectural trends in new custom homes in Hilltop, we’ll see that each home brings a European flavor with its own modern twist. Through the images, you will be transported to rural Italy, experience the nobility of France, and summer in the English countryside. Allow yourself to be entranced on a journey through our favorite Hilltop hidden gems.

Following are a few of the currently active listings (homes for sale) in the neighborhood.



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