Homes for Sale in Cherry Creek Denver

Homes for Sale in Cherry Creek Denver

Cherry Creek Neighborhood Map Denver CO 80206

Say “Cherry Creek” to anyone who lives in or around Denver, and you’ll get a mix of reactions, but most all will agree “high quality” and “high prices” go hand in hand with the name.

Once you understand that the actual creek, Cherry Creek, runs for quite some distance and that the name “Cherry Creek” is attached to many, many properties and businesses that are quite far from central 80202 and 80206, then you’ll realize that the “Cherry Creek” in question is actually Cherry Creek North and the neighborhood bordering the Cherry Creek Mall.

In 2013 and 2014, this entire neighborhood feels like it is under construction as Saks Fifth Avenue is being torn off the mall to make way for a four story Restoration Hardware and condos and office are popping up all over the place throughout the area like it’s a new Gold Rush or something . While this is happening, streets are torn to shreds as sewers and water lines, etc. are being redone.

That said, Cherry Creek is truly a gorgeous area. Cherry Creek’s zip code in Denver is 80206. This tract of land used to have super-run down siding homes selling for $150,000.  Around 1999, builders started tearing these down and building duplexes with attached garages for the shocking (at the time) price of $400,000.  That’s WAY too much money, some said.  Those same duplexes are now selling for $800,000 in 2014.  New duplexes and triplexes, if you can find them, sell for far north of that.

The bottom line is that if you like living near “the buzz”, the action, the Cherry Creek Arts Festival, the Cherry Creek bike path that will take you downtown or to the Cherry Creek Reservoir, or if you like being walking distance to scores of shops, restaurants and bars, yet still like living in super-swanky digs, this is your new neighborhood, and we’re your new Realtors for Cherry Creek.

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